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8 December 2012
The Official client has been released!! It could be found in the download section, or click here to download now!

Notice :

We are accepting any donations to continue running and updating the server.
- thank you

2 July 2012
I have Uploaded the addons folder with speed enabled for players who didn't know how to work it

click here to download it

Link :

Instruction :

Drag or Copy Addons Folder into your normal endless-online folder.

7 June 2012
Server Updates,

Dear players, the server has been offline and not updated due to the me(oxyda) taking exams, my school ended today, and many updates will be added, please request any wishes into the forum, their is a 99% chance that it will be added. Also invite friends, and other players to the server so that the server could be more populated, we hope to see you again, your own staff team - Oxyda Online

6 June 2012
Dear Reader,

As some of you know this website was hacked, it took a while to rebuilt, but we did, it. Be aware that website is under construction.

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